Web Site Templates: The Disadvantages

It’s highly tempting for many business owners to simply purchase a web site template when attempting to build a web presence for their company. And while the advantages, such as cost and time savings, may be attractive, web site templates do have their disadvantages.

1. Templates are unoriginal, not unique

When you purchase a web site template, it’s almost certain that more companies have purchased the same one; maybe even a competitor in your industry. If your website looks similar to other companies, this may confuse your web visitors and ultimately looks highly unprofessional.

2. Templates have limited flexibility

Templates come with certain options that you will have a hard time changing, and it’s going to be harder to customize a template to your specific needs and wants. Also, templates are typically composed of only static pages, so if you want a dynamic page where the content is updated frequently, this will be more difficult to accomplish. Even if the template looks like everything you want right now, as your business grows, your needs may change, but you won’t be able to change elements your web site template.

3. Templates limit your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is key to getting your business found on the web, but web site templates are not typically coded in a way that will benefit your company’s optimization. If all your templates allows you to do is switch out the content and maybe the images, your website will be at a disadvantage in a competitive marketplace.

Ultimately, a web site template makes all your decisions for you when it comes to how your company looks and functions on the web. But in order to build a strong web presence and attract more customers, you should be the one making those important choices. One of the best business decisions you’ll ever make may be your choice to get your website professionally developed. Only then will you harness the true power of your web presence.

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