Should your company be blogging?

The blog world is huge right now, as well as ever growing. Which can make it quite confusing to any newcomer out there. If you’re wondering if your small business can really benefit from blogging, here are some answers.

Blogging for business vs. personal blogging
No doubt you’ve come across blogs that fall on the more personal side, even if they reach out to a particular niche, such as food blogs, mommy blogs, and the like. But blogs for businesses are a little different, being a secondary resource rather than the main feature.

Ultimately, blogging allows you to put a unique voice to your business. Is your company the kind where you share your weekend plans with your customers, or are you trying to provide them with valuable information relating to your product or service? Keep your answer to this question in mind when blogging for your business.

The purpose of business blogging
The main point of business blogs is to provide value to readers and potential customers. This falls under the philosophy that the more free value you provide up front, the more likely people are to invest when the need arises. Additionally, blogging about topics that relate to your service or product helps to establish you as an expert in the industry, which can set you apart from your competition.

Regular blog posts = fresh content. Google loves fresh content
The typical consumer turns to the Internet before making any kind of purchase. When they Google keywords that relate to your product or service, you want to show up high in the results, or your company will never be found. Regular blogging can help you rank higher in the search results, because Google believes fresh content makes you more relevant to those keywords than a website with static information that never changes.

These are just a few reasons why business blogging is highly valuable. Just one post a week could be the difference in 50% more customers!

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