Secrets To Marketing Your Small Business Through Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in today’s more digital, more connected world. If Japan is any example of what’s to come (generally they are 5 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology) then we are going to see mobile marketing become increasingly important for small businesses.

There are several key marketing tools you should be made aware of, so you can profit from them:

QR Codes – QR codes are just starting to become prominent in western countries. They have existed successfully in Japan for years. A QR code allows anyone with a mobile device to take a picture of a square shaped bar code and get information from it. You can use this to give mobile users advertisements, coupons, menus or even take them to your website.

Here are some ideas for using QR codes for your business:

> You can add a QR code to your business card and enable mobile users to access a QR code at any time

> If you have an advertisement you can have a QR code that takes mobile users to your website

> If you ask users to call a long phone number, you can turn it into a QR code to make it more convenient for your users

The possibility of QR codes is endless and incorporating it into your business not only makes you tech savvy, but it also makes it easier to get information to your customers.

Text Message Marketing – Capturing your customers’ phone numbers enables you to send them text message advertisements. This is one of the newest, most cutting edge ways that small business owners can reach thousands of their customers in seconds.

Imagine that hungry customers get a text message at lunchtime when you’re running a lunch special at your restaurant

Or, if you own an accounting company, imagine that all your customers are instantly alerted to a new way of saving on taxes and encourage them to come to your office to find out more about it.

There are several steps to doing effective text message marketing:

  1. Acquiring your prospective customers phone numbers
  2. Designing a text message marketing campaign
  3. Running the campaign and analysis

Acquiring Customers Phone Numbers

The first thing you need to do is to acquire your prospective customers’ phone numbers. You can do this through a mobile friendly website. What you can do is encourage your customers to visit your website on their phone and enter in their phone number for exclusive coupons.

Designing A Text Message Campaign

Next you want to design an effective text message campaign that will motivate people to buy what you have to offer. There are several key elements to a good text message:

  • The offer
  • The benefit
  • The proof

Let’s look at how these three parts come together in an example. Imagine for a moment you own a pizza shop and have the numbers of 2000 people in your area. You come up with a great lunchtime offer for them:

“Buy One Slice Of Pizza, Get One Free! Today from 11 am to 2 pm Only!”

Next you think of a great benefit your customers would get from your pizza place:

“Hungry at lunch time? Delicious Italian Pizza Will Fill You Up”

Finally you want to prove your benefit by offering some kind of proof, or a believable reason why what you say is the truth:

“Delicious Italian Pizza will fill you up because we use 1 pound of meat in each pizza”

Then you can bring it all together into a text message campaign:

“Hungry at lunchtime? Delicious Italian pizza will fill you up because we use 1 pound of meat in each pizza. Buy one slice of pizza, and get a second slice for free! Today from 11 am to 2 pm only!”

There we have a great text message campaign that is very likely to bring in customers and sales. It has all the important elements of a good text message campaign that sells.

Running The Campaign and Analysis

You want to track how many people have come into your store or called your business as a result. One way you can do this is by asking customers where they heard about your business. For example: If a customer comes into your pizza place looking to buy one slice and get a second for free, then you know it’s your text campaign that brought them in.

You want to analyze the results of your campaign and see if you can discover ways to improve upon it for next time. You want to take the number of customers your campaign brought in and divide it by the amount of people you sent a text message to. Generally these ratios remain the same. For example:

If you sent out 1000 texts and got 10 customers, then it’s very likely that if you send out 10,000 texts you will get 100 customers.

As a result you can figure out how many customers you will probably get before you send out your text messages. This is very valuable because it allows you to know exactly what your ROI is before you spend the money.

Follow these tips and bring your small business into the modern age. Learn how to market and take advantage of the exploding mobile segment. Doing so will give you an edge over your competitors and allow you to stay current with your customers.


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