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Product Description

There are over 100 million web users watching online video on a daily basis. According to comScore, 46% of all Internet users view at least one video a month. A major retailer recently reported that 90% of their online shoppers found video helpful in their purchasing decision.

We could throw more statistics at you, but we’re sure you get the point. Video marketing is to businesses now what websites were to businesses in the mid-90s. It’s a trend you cannot afford to pass up, because it is the future.

The value of video is that it is able to communicate a message to your customers that a paragraph on your website simply cannot capture. Let us help you engage your audience with the power of video marketing. Get started today!

What’s The Process?

Once you’ve purchased Mia Fuego’s Video Marketing Service you will be contacted within 24hrs by one of our Video Production Specialists. You will be provided with a service questionnaire to fill out, to ensure the video engages your target audience. You will receive the video within 5-10 days, depending on the length.

All the videos we create are suitable for web use. You own the videos 100% and are free to distribute your videos anywhere you like.


Is Video good for SEO?
Did you know that Videos are called “Engagement Objects” in SEO? Google can actually recognize keywords even in the voice-over audio of videos. Videos embedded with targeted keywords can increase your search engine rankings.

What type of videos will you create?
We create all types of videos. We meet your specifications in every possible way.

Do I have to write a script for my video?
No. Our professional scriptwriters will work with you to write all scripts required for your video. We will send you the final script for approval.

How long is a 60 second script?
A 60 second script is 280 words.

Do I have to have a voice over?
Absolutely not; background music is always a choice. This will be decided when you fill out the service questionnaire.

Will Mia Fuego add the video to my website?
Absolutely. Just check the option when your purchase the service.

Will Mia Fuego distribute my video?
We sure will. Once your video is created and approved we will distribute it for you to 30+ of the top video sharing website. Check the option when you purchase the service.

Where do I sign up?
Just fill out the form to the left and we’ll contact you within 24hrs to get started!


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    Mia Fuego is the Place when it comes to whiteboard animation. Exceeded our expectations. They gave us a 6-8 day turn around time and delivered in 5 days… I would recommend to anyone looking to get this type of work done.

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    Perfect! This was exactly what I was hoping for, no, better! I’m look forward to working with the folks at Mia Fuego again!

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    Amazing work! Highly recommended, working on gathering another script to get another video done! Thanks again!

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