Our Story

Our Roots

Our story begins in Barcelona, Spain, where Jon Mia and Marisa Fuego create some of the most interesting and unique web designs for small businesses in Barcelona. Artists by day and web designers by night, the couple has infused art with technology to create websites that get attention. Their influences are seen globally on many sites, and their passion to give back to their community can be seen locally. Their business concept of creating high-quality, interesting and fun web designs while giving a percentage of proceeds from the sale of their websites back to the community is a concept we could all do to see more often.

Mia Fuego LLC, named after Jon Mia and Marisa Fuego, brings this passion and desire to create amazing websites to you, while also giving back to the local community. Influenced by Jon and Marisa’s vision, the Mia Fuego team of expert web designers and developers creates some of the most amazing and optimized sites in the industry and continues to give back to those who are in need.

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