Marketing Your Business On Twitter (Part 3 of 3)

In our last article we talked about the 4 keys to creating great Tweets on Twitter. Those keys are: star, story, controversy, and solution. You will now discover the advanced tactics and secrets to converting your Twitter audience into buying customers. Ultimately, Twitter marketing is not helpful if you’re not profiting from it.

So in this article we are going to discuss exactly how to transform your Twitter followers into buyers.

It consists of several steps:

  • Offers
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing systems

As you will recall we have already talked about offers in part 2, now we will go over offers more in-depth too discover exactly how they work. A typical Twitter follower-to-customer process works something like this:

> Twitter follower reads Tweet

> They see a link in the Tweet and click it

> Your Twitter follower is taken to a “landing page” where they read your marketing offer

> Your follower then completes an action that results in you making money

The first part involves your twitter follower reading your Tweet. This should involve your star, story, controversy and finally your solution. The solution should be the “website link” you want your follower to click on. Here is an example Tweet:

“Adventurous Al rallies against global warming on Saturday. To take a stand for the environment, sign up now at”

Adventurous Al is our star in this Tweet. He is the star/owner of a camping supply company that is hosting an event against global warming. Followers can then click the link to be taken to a sign up page allowing them to join the event. Which brings us to a vital element to Twitter marketing, the landing page.

Landing Pages

This sign up page or “landing page” allows Adventerous Al to capture his Twitter followers’ information and follow up with them through other forms of marketing. On the sign up page, visitors are asked to enter in their telephone, email and address. Adventerous Al can then use this information to send these users marketing materials through email and direct mail. Here is how it works:

Twitter follower reads tweet -> Goes to landing page -> Enters in telephone, email, and address ->

Adventerous Al can then send catalogues by email and snail mail, as well as telephoning his customers inviting them to special events.

This brings us to our next step.

Marketing Systems

Once you have Twitter followers responding to your offer and entering in their information to your landing pages, you can start to market to them.

Let’s go back to our Adventurous Al example. Adventurous Al created a special event for his Twitter followers and customers to take a stand against global warming. This event will have media and get tons of free publicity at the event.

Better yet, Al will be handing out free global warming flyers that alerts his customers to how they can live greener and includes special coupons for his products. Adventerous Al is offering “green coupons” to help those who are committed to living a greener life save money on green camping products.

His Twitter followers have entered their information into his landing page so he can:

> Send his free booklet with his “live greener” discount coupons to their email

> Send coupons by mail to their home address

> Call them up to thank them for their commitment to the environment (strengthening the relationship between him and his customers)

These are all a part of a marketing system for Adventerous Al’s camping store. He is promoting his products to his market through coupons and events. Now you can see the entire process that Adventerous Al has used to convert his Twitter followers into sales. Once they recieve the coupons and booklet, some of those people will be driven to buy his products.

Here is another example of converting Twitter followers to buyers:

Joe owns a coffee shop called “Cup of Joe.” He is the star of his own business and has hundreds of Twitter followers. Joe decides that this month’s sales could use a boost and creates a Twitter campaign to help.

Joe hosts a special event at his coffee shop called “Who Killed Joe?” a mystery game taking place in his coffee shop based on the game “Clue.”

Joe posts the Tweet to his followers:

“Cup of Joe has lost it’s Joe! Who killed Joe? Discover the answer and win a free cup of coffee”

Twitter followers are then taken to a funny picture of the coffee shop’s owner Joe pretending to be dead. They are given their first clue on the website and told to enter in their email address for the next clue. After recieving the second clue they are told to go down to the coffee shop to discover the next clue.

When they arrive at the coffee shop they find a “scavenger hunt” of clues from which they can win a free coffee for at the end.

Joe has captured his followers’ email addresses who participated in the game. He emails them several “Joe’s Alive Celebration” coupons which feature funny coupons of the coffee shops owner miraculously coming back to life.

Followers engage with the coffee shop’s brand and are driven in to the store. They are given coupons which further increase their purchase size. Not only that, but the controversial and funny nature of Joe’s campaign gets him more followers and customers.

Create offers that drive your followers to a landing page, and capture their information on your website. Next use the information to send marketing materials such as coupons or special offers to get you more business.

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