How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Your Websites Sales and Profits

Email marketing offers one of the highest ROI activities any business owner can do online. When used properly email marketing is a valuable asset that can bring you sales and profits for years to come. Understanding how to use email marketing and apply it to your business should be on at the top of your online marketing priorities. Additionally, if you don’t understand how to do it yourself, you can always have an online marketing firm like ours manage your email campaigns for you.

Getting opt ins

The first step in developing a powerful email marketing system for your business is getting email subscribers. Email marketing works in the same way that newsletters or magazines work. An email newsletter is where you provide valuable free info and tips to your email subscribers. Then you send advertisements or special offers to your subscribers from time to time and encourage them to buy.

This simple but effective method can provide an incredible source of business and sales for your enterprise if you know how to use it. The first key is securing opt-ins from your email newsletter subscribers.

A person subscribes to your email newsletter through what is called an opt-in form. An opt-in form is a small box on a webpage that lets a person enter their email and “opt-in” to receive your newsletter. Once they have opted-in to your newsletter you are free to send them emails day-in and day-out.

The trick is to send your subscribers valuable information that they will love so they will:

> Open your emails

> Read them

> Read your special offers and do business with you

You may be wondering how do you get started in all of this? Well the easiest way is to sign up for a “email newsletter service provider.” These providers enable you to easily and conveniently:

> Add new subscribers

> Manage your newsletters

> Write newsletters for your readers

> Send out your newsletters

> Manage the entire process

For a small fee each month you can run your own email newsletter or you can get a firm like ours to handle all the work for you. Here are some of the most common newsletter service providers in the industry:

> Aweber

> Get Response

> Mail Chimp

After you have signed up for a newsletter service provider you want to add your “opt-in” form to your website and encourage visitors to sign up.

Building a relationship

Creating an email newsletter is all about building a relationship with the people you email. When you establish a strong emotional connection between your readers, you make it easier to get sales and profits. The stronger your bond, the higher your sales.

Getting a strong relationship is about sharing yourself and “connecting” with your readers. You can do this through:

> Sharing personal stories with your readers

> Revealing breaking news of interest to your reader

> Starting conversations and hosting special events for your readers

> Delivering great content that helps improve their lives

Once you have email newsletter subscribers and you’ve established a strong relationship with them, you can start profiting from them.

Promoting your business

You can think of your email subscribers as a valuable asset for your business. In many ways they are one of your businesses most precious assets. Here is why:

Every time business slows down or you want to see your monthly profits soar you can send out an email to your subscribers. In this email you can:

> Make a special offer to your readers

> Give a compelling reason why they should do business with you

> Help them to help themselves by notifying them about what you have to offer

If your relationship with your subscribers is strong you should experience a flood of sales. Do not underestimate the power of this. A well run email newsletter can bring you enough business to keep you working 24/7. There are two key principles to this marketing method:

  1. Get lots of high quality subscribers interested in what you have to sell
  2. Build a fantastic relationship with your subscribers before trying to sell to them

When you have done this your email newsletter becomes like a personal cash machine. Every time you want to make more money you can just shoot out an email to your subscribers and see a flood of new sales come in. Its a priceless asset for a small business owner, provided you do it right and treat your subscribers well. Don’t flood them with promotions, always make your relationship with your subscribers your highest priority. Doing so will give your business success with email marketing for many years.



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