How To Market Your Small Business On Twitter (Part 1 of 3)

34 percent of marketers have generated leads using Twitter (source).

You can use Twitter to grow your business, improve customer service, and increase brand recognition. Succeeding on Twitter is all about creating “brand experiences,” and connecting with your customer. Once you have connected with them, you can get them to take some action to profit from them.

Marketing on Twitter occurs in several steps:

  • Getting “followed” by your target customers on Twitter
  • Sending out Tweets to your audience
  • Your audience takes a desired action

Our goal is always to get your target customer to take an action in the form of making a purchase, signing up for a coupon, etc. We always want your Twitter followers to take an action that leads to a sale.

The first step is to get followed by your target audience. Let’s break down the process of getting Twitter followers into several steps:

  • Market
  • Message
  • Media
  • Sharing


The first thing you need to know is what market you are going to be targeting for your Twitter campaign. For example: If you own and operate a dog grooming business, your target customers would be dog owners who need dog grooming services.

You want to know everything you can about your target customer. From what type of area they live in, to the websites they love to visit. Answer the following questions for your business:

> Who is my target customer?

> Where do they visit on a regular basis?

> What do they want from my services?

> How can I contact them?

> Why would they do business with me?


Once you have your market clearly defined you need to design a message that resonates with your market. Now that you understand who your customers are, ask yourself:

> What could I offer my market that they would love to subscribe to?

> What urgent problems, desires, or unfulfilled needs could my Twitter feed fulfill for my customers?

For example: With a dog grooming business you may offer dog lovers tips on training their dogs to do tricks. Another idea is to tweet crazy, beautiful, and outrageous dog grooming that will delight your customers. Whatever you will offer, ensure it is something that your target customers are interested in.

Whatever you are offering, break it down into a clear offer like this:

Target market + Your offer + Call to action

For example:

Attention Dog Lovers, Subscribe To “Dogs Gone Wild” For The Craziest, Funniest Puppies You’ve Ever Seen – Click Subscribe Now!

As you can see we have first taken our target market [“Dog Lovers”] then we have talked about our offer [“Dog's Gone Wild” Funny Puppy Pictures] and a call to action, [Click Subscribe Now!]


Your message has been put together and so you are ready to start sending your message out to your target customers. You need to think now about how you will best reach your customers. In general, try to take advantage of any local and in-person opportunities to get people to subscribe.

Here are some possibilities for you to explore:

  • Ask people to subscribe to your Twitter feed on your business card
  • Include a “QR code” on all your marketing communications that allows customers to subscribe to your Twitter feed
  • Add a link to your Twitter account on all your brochures and customer receipts
  • Ask satisfied customers if they would like to subscribe to your Twitter feed after completing a transaction with them
  • Offer your customers a special coupon or discount when they subscribe to your Twitter feed
  • Include a “social” link on your website allowing users to subscribe
  • Add a link to your Twitter in your email signature
  • Include a link to subscribe to Twitter on Facebook, and other social websites

There is another key element to Twitter marketing which you must master. Here is how it works: You need to track how much money each Twitter follower brings back to your business. Then once you know the “average subscriber value” you know how much you can spend to get each new follower. Next, you can create advertising campaigns to promote your Twitter feed and start profiting from social marketing.

Here is an example of how it works: Let’s say you know that each subscriber is worth an average of $0.50 profit to your business. So you create an advertising campaign on Facebook and Google Adwords. You pay $0.10 per click and get new subscribers.

Each subscriber costs you $0.10 to acquire and you make $0.50 revenue off each subscriber, on average. Therefore you are now making $0.40 per subscriber in profit for your business. This is a great way to promote your Twitter feed once you know exactly how much each visitor is worth to your business.

So first identify your target market using the questions we outlined earlier. After that create a message that resonates with your market and transform that message into an “offer.” Finally distribute your message across various media to gain new Twitter subscribers, and leads.

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