How To Market Your Business Using Apps

The mobile phone and tablet market is exploding like crazy right now. What’s more exciting is that small businesses are taking advantage of this trend to bring in sales and profits for themselves. Mobile apps are one of the latest crazes and knowing how to use this to market your business can bring in easy money.

Here is how it works: You may have an iPhone, android or other mobile device that enables you to download “apps.” There are now hundreds of thousands of apps around the world and millions of people around the world use them.

What you can do as a small business owner is create your own killer app for mobile phone users to:

> Promote your business

> Improve customer service

> Get free advertising

> Increase customer loyalty

Many small businesses have already done this by creating “apps” that do things like give customers a copy of their menu on their phone. Other businesses have created funny games that feature their brand or provide something else of value to their customers. Here are some examples of how small businesses can make apps work for them:

> An accounting firm provides business owners with a receipt-tracking app for their accounting. The accounting firms brand and phone number are included in the app.

> Restaurant creates an app with their menu, phone number, and access to an online reservation system.

> Plumber creates an app that allows homeowners to diagnose plumbing problems with his phone number included offering help with their problem

> Consultant offers an app that gives quick and easy solutions to his clients’ most common problems along with a reminder that they can get help anytime by giving him a call

> Doctor creates a nutritional app that he encourages all his patients to download. His office address and office phone are included reminding patients to come in for their check ups.

All of these are ways that businesses can create value for their customers and market their business. You have to look at what your objectives are and what kind of business you are in. If your business is mainly built of return customers, then you should focus on building customer retention.

If your business needs a constant stream of new clients, then focus your app on something that your general audience would download.

For example a gas station could offer “speedometers” for drivers to see how fast they are going on their phone. Then include coupons for purchasing treats at the gas station.

The idea is to provide something that your target market would like to have on their phone and include your marketing information in with it. Coupons, special offers and calls-to-action are all must haves for making your app a success.

The more value you are able to provide to users through your app, the more successful it will be. One big mistake some people make is solely focusing on what they want to sell and not on how to benefit their customers. The more benefits and advantages you can provide to your customers through your app, the more of them will use it.

Remember that your app is only useful if people use it. People will only use your apps if they have a good reason to. So focus your efforts on:

  1. Creating an app that your users will love
  2. Including your marketing materials and calls-to-action in the app
  3. Letting as many people know about your app as possible and encouraging them to download it to their phones or mobile devices

Overall, apps are becoming more and more popular for mobile users. Your business can get sales and customers by creating valuable apps that people download, then promoting your business while they use your app. Everything from menus to speedometers are possible with mobile apps, so use your imagination and focus on making something people will love to use.

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