How To Market You Business On Twitter (Part 2 of 3)

In the first part of this series we discussed the steps to getting Twitter followers. We will now continue and talk about the second step of Twitter marketing, which is about sending out Tweets. There are several elements to sending out good Tweets.

  • Star
  • Story
  • Controversy
  • Solutions


Every good Twitter marketer creates a star for their Twitter account. One thing you will notice about all successful Twitter accounts is they have a “star” or celebrity attached to that account. In order to become successful with your own Twitter marketing efforts you should also create a celebrity.

Creating a celebrity is simpler and easier than you might have imagined. If you are the owner of your own business you can be the celebrity or star that promotes your business. On the other hand if you are shy and afraid to be in the stage light you can also create a celebrity in several ways:

  • Creating an animal or cartoon character (Geiko Geco)
  • Having one of your employees be a star
  • Hiring a local celebrity or sponsoring a local athlete to star in your business

If you business is related to a particular sport or your target market has strong emotions for a particular sports team, you may want to sponsor that team. For example if you business is selling camping equipment, you could sponsor the local Boy Scouts and have them be the “stars” of your Twitter campaign.

Every Twitter account should have a star and there are plenty of options for creating a star. If you are out of ideas, then just invent a spokesperson and get a local artist to create a cartoon of your make-believe star.


Now that you have a star to create a buzz for your business, you need stories that will go viral and get shared by other people. Let’s go back to our dog grooming example:

“Power Puppy” is the star of a local dog grooming business, an ultra cute golden retriever dressed in a superman outfit teaches people how to make their puppy happy with his “Puppy Tweets”

Photos are posted of “Power Puppy” in various heroic scenes from the superman comics along with tips about how to please your puppy. These stories are all about scenes of dog owners in distressing situations, then Power Puppy comes to the rescue along with coupons for discounts on dog grooming services.

The idea is to create something that will please, delight, and thrill your target market while promoting your business. The best case scenario for any business is to have their Tweets go “viral” and be shared by thousands of people. The easiest way to make your Tweets go viral is to create great stories via Twitter that people love.

Make sure you’re putting the following into your stories:

> Humor

> Excitement

> Drama

However the safest, surest way to get your Tweets shared is to create controversy.


Without a doubt people love controversial statements, and titillating news. The trick with Twitter is to be controversial without offending your target market. It’s OK if you mildly offend people outside of your target market, just as long as your customers still love you. Here are some examples of how that works:

> A car mechanic shop catering to American muscle car lovers calls European sports cars “girls’ cars”

> Outdoor supply store makes a stand against climate change and pollution

> Hair dresser blows the lid on Hollywood’s hairstyling secrets

Find controversial, emotionally-charged information related to your industry you can share with your audience. The trick is to get your business on the side of your target market, and against your target markets enemy.

As they say, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

Well on Twitter, “the enemy of my customer is my enemy”

Rally with your customers against their enemies for viral sharing and tons of “retweets.”


You also want to provide your audience with solutions to their problems. For example you may include a funny story of how a house flooded because of bad plumbing. At the end of the story you can tell your audience how they can avoid this problem by getting a free inspection of their plumbing.

On the other hand if you’re talking about global warming you can encourage your audience to take a stand against global warming, and only buy green products. Mention how they can go green with your green and eco-friendly camping supplies.

Pick a star for your business, then create exciting stories involving that star for your target audience. Include highly controversial and interesting statements that your audience can rally behind. Finally include a solution at the end of your stories that involves doing business with your company.

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