How To Create YouTube Videos That Viewers Love

Creating videos that your viewers love can create a flood of traffic and sales for your business, provided you do it the right way. Video marketing is all about engaging your audience and pleasing them. Understanding what your customers want and how to give it to them is the key fundamental you must master. In this article we will go over the keys to a good video and how to create one.

First start with what you want your visitor to do. Your video is not merely there to entertain your viewer; it is there to accomplish something. Usually you want your visitor to take some sort of action at the end of your video. So write down:

> At the end of my video, I want my viewers to:

Once you are clear on what you want your video to accomplish, you can work backwards towards your goal. Good video creation begins with a good name or title. Assuming you have already targeted your videos for good keywords there are a few keys to inventing a good title.

> Add some sort of news element into your video title like:

“Real Estate Agent Reveals The Seven Dirty Tax Secrets Your Local Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About!”


“Cat Lover Discovers New Cat Nip Recipe That Drives Kitties Wild With Happiness”

Also ensure that your title has some sort of “benefit” or advantage that the viewer will gain. For example, if you’re targeting businesspeople you might say:

“How To Make More Money With Your Business”

Or for lawyers you might mention:

“9 Ways To Get More Legal Work Done In Less Time”

Once you have a good title for your video you can focus on creating a good video structure. An easy way you can make a video is by following this formula:

  1. Call out your viewer – Example: “Skateboarders! Here is Tony Hawks Latest New Trick”
  1. Identify their problem – Example: “Discover How To Master The Coolest Trick Of 2013 In 20 Minutes”
  1. Solve their problem – Example: 20 minute video showing how to master the trick
  1. Go into the implications of the problem – Example: “Now You Know Tony Hawks Coolest Trick, But What About These Other 9 Sweet Tricks?”
  1. Make an offer to solve a bigger problem – Example: “Go to for the other 9 killer tricks of 2013”

Let’s break down these steps further.

Call Out Your Viewer

The first thing you want is to get people to watch the video. In the start of the video you want to call out your viewer and give them a strong reason to watch. Failure to give a powerful, motivating reason to watch can result in viewers abandoning your video.

The easiest way to get people to watch your video is to give away something of value to them. For example you can give away free tips or valuable information.

Identify Their Problem

Your viewers will have something that is bothering them in their life. Whether they want to go on vacation, have more money, become cooler, whatever it is, you should talk about it. Identify the thing that is bothering them and make them feel the pain.

For example: “Losing thousands of dollars every year overpaying on your taxes? In this video you will see the seven best ways to slash your tax bill to little pieces.”

You want to talk about whatever is bothering your viewer and make them feel the pain. So they will feel excited and motivated to solve it. In your video you will help them to solve that problem.

Solve The Problem

Now you should give away highly valuable free information to your viewer that solves their problem for them. Think of the best information or the most valuable tips that you could give away for free in your video that would make your viewer’s life better.

In this part of the video you have the chance to demonstrate your expertise and show how good you are at solving their problems. You want to give them immediate, instantly useful information that they can start benefiting from.

Go Into The Problem’s Implications

Now that you have helped to solve their problem, chances are there is still more you can do. For example showing someone how to lose weight may not solve the problem that they can’t stay motivated to keep on track.

Another situation could be that even though this person understands how to save on taxes, they still require the services of a professional accountant to save as much as possible.

It is in this part of the video that you want to show your viewer everything that is possible with what you offer. What you say in this part of the video is going to depend on what action you want them to take.

If you want them to go to your website to read a whitepaper on telecommunications – talk about the benefits of communications and how it further solves the problem you helped to solve in the video.

Let’s look at our skateboarding example: We ask if our viewers know all these other cool tricks to show off to their friends? We have touched upon the bigger problem. Even though our viewers now know one trick, they still need to learn the other cool tricks.

Which brings us to our next point.

Make An Offer To Solve The Bigger Problem

Now our prospects have a bigger problem that they don’t know all the cool tricks; they only know one. You can create the same problem for an entrepreneur not knowing all the ways to save on taxes. Or a cat owner knowing how to create great catnip but not knowing all the ways they can please their cat.

Now is your chance to tease your viewer with more great stuff and tell them how to get it. In our example they are told to go to However, you can offer to solve their problem in any way you like.

You could tell them:

> To call a phone number

> To email you

> To visit your website

> To visit your place of business

Or anything else you want your viewers to do. Whatever the action is, just follow the steps in this video to motivate your viewers.

Call out your viewers at the start of your video and talk about the problem you will solve for them. Give away great information that helps your viewers and then offer to solve an even bigger problem for them. Next tell them exactly what action you want your viewer to take. Follow these steps for consistent and reliable video marketing success.


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