How To Create A Website Your Customers Will Love

Creating a good website is all about understanding your customer and delivering a great experience to them. When a visitor arrives on your website they will have an objective in mind. Understanding the different objectives your visitors want to accomplish and helping them to reach their goals is all a part of what makes a good website.

Good websites enable you to sell more of your goods and increase customer satisfaction. Google’s entire success is built on the single concept of giving search engine users what they are looking for. You want to replicate Google’s formula for success by delivering your users what they are looking for as fast as possible.

Understanding your customers is the first step and in this article you will discover several ways that you can better understand your website visitors.

Heat Maps

A heat map is a piece of software on your website that tracks where your visitor moves their mouse. Research in universities has shown that people’s eye movements tend to follow their mouse movements. So you can figure out with an 80% accuracy where your website visitors eyes are moving based on where their mouse is.

So what a heat map does is track all your visitors’ mouse movements then shows you where they place their mouse. Blue colored areas on your website have a few mouse movements where as red and yellow areas have a lot of mouse movements. You can then look at this “heat map” of your website and discover the most important areas of your website to improve.


You can quickly and easily survey your website visitors and then use this new information to make more sales. You can ask your visitors questions like:

> What are you looking for on our website?

> What brought you to our website today?

> How can make our website better for you?

> Is there anything you dislike about our website?

You can create a survey for your website using the free service SurveyMonkey. When you work with our company we can easily help you run a survey on your new website. Doing so will give plenty of insight and new ideas for how to further improve your visitors website experience.

It also shows you how to better sell to your visitors. The better you understand their needs and how to help them, the more easily you can sell them your goods.


A fantastic way to discover more about your website in order to create a site viewers love is by using Google Analytics. This free tool enables you to see which of your webpages are most visited. You can see how long your visitors are spending on each page of your site and where they go to after they see your site.

You can also discover which websites are sending visitors to your site and even where your visitors come from. All of this is fantastic information that allows you to get a good understanding of your visitors and how to serve them better.

For example you can see which pages people don’t like by:

> Webpages they spend a very short time on

> Webpages they then leave your website from

The best webpages that you want to have are ones that cause your visitors to keep looking at more information on your site, or read whatever you have written on your webpage. There are numerous studies that show the longer a person spends with your marketing material, the better the chance they will buy from you.

Use heat maps to discover how your visitors are using your website, then survey them to discover ways to better serve their needs. Install Google Analytics (or let us install it for you) and discover what your visitors are doing on your website to make your site better and better.

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