Easy Video Marketing For Small Businesses

YouTube gets 4,000,000,000 page views a day, which adds up to 1,000,000,000,000 a year. (Source)

YouTube is used by 98 out of the top 100 advertisers in the world to promote their businesses. It offers a powerful way to connect with a large group of people. When your videos go viral or are very popular, you can experience an explosion in your online marketing results.

Marketing on YouTube begins with market research. YouTube is such a huge website with so many people visiting it that you must target who you want to watch your video. The easiest way to target viewers for your business is through keywords.

Keywords are the search terms users enter in on websites like Google and YouTube. For example, if you’re looking for a video about repairing your window, you might enter in:

“How to repair your window”

The search term you enter in is what’s called a “keyword” and marketers target their prospective customers based on what keywords they use. The same is true for your business; you can find those most likely to buy your products and services by what keywords they use.

What you want to do is:

  • Find keywords related to your products and services
  • Create videos based on those keywords
  • Upload those videos to YouTube and send traffic to your website

Finding Keywords Related To Your Products and Services

The first step is thinking of what types of keywords or search terms your prospective customers would enter in. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers; try to think like a person searching for what you have to offer. Would they enter in:

“How to repair leaks in your roof”

“How to groom your dog”

“Ways to save on taxes”

Whatever the search term, you want to check these on the Google Adwords keyword tool.

You can use this tool to see how many people are searching for your keyword each month, and get suggestions for new keywords you can use. You want to look for keywords that are highly targeted for your niche. For example: If you offer accounting services in Small Town, Colorado, then you don’t want to target a vague term like “accounting”

That has way too many competitors and it targets people searching for accounting all around the world. Instead a much better strategy is to target:

“Accounting services in Small Town, Colorado” or if you don’t get enough people who search for such a specific term, you can pick a keyword like “Accountant in Colorado”

Ideally, you should pick a highly specific, targeted keyword. This is because it’s easier to get visitors to your webpage for specific keywords, and the prospects are higher quality.

Creating Videos Based Around Your Keywords

Once you’ve got some laser-targeted keywords for your business, you want to create videos about those keywords. Let’s look at an example: Nancy has a life coaching program for people who want to improve their lives. She notices people searching for terms like:

“Personal life coach”

“Life coaching”

So she finds some ‘low competition’ keywords in her market that won’t be too hard to get visitors for. Then she creates a few videos about life coaching and personal life coaches. One video is called:

“How To Pick A Personal Life Coach”

another one she made was called

“9 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Life Coaching”

These are highly informative, valuable videos that give visitors fantastic information about the keyword their searching for. In this case, Nancy educates viewers about how to pick a life coach and what they need to know before working with one. This is highly valuable information for those looking for information about life coaches.

Look at your own keywords and ask yourself:

> What valuable information related to this keyword could I provide viewers?

> What do searchers want most and how can I give it to them?

You don’t want your videos to be overly promotional in nature. Instead it’s better if you just provide tons of great, valuable content and then mention your business at the end. This way your viewers will be in a positive emotional state and ready to hear about what your business can do for them.

YouTube Traffic

Finally you want to upload your video on YouTube and send traffic to your website. After your viewers have seen your video, you want them to do something. One of the best things to get your viewers to do is visit your website for more information. You can do this through a call-to-action. At the end of your video you might mention something that would be interesting to your viewers like:

“Go to www.mywebsite.com and see my 7 top tips for grooming your dog”


“Im giving away free cookies to anyone who signs up for a free quote on my website, go there now for the best chocolate cookies of your life”

The idea is to get viewers to watch your video. Next, give them valuable information related to what they were searching for. Then, encourage them to visit your website for more great information.


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