6 Steps to Effective Employer Branding

Now more than ever before, people care more about who they work for than the job itself. What makes a company great to work for? Why are people proud to work there? Answer these questions, and you have yourself a story to tell. Getting this story out there to the right people is all part of employer branding. Here are a few tips to effective employer branding.


1. Determine how your employer brand is currently seen within your company. If existing employees believe your company is a great place to work, the foundation for your employer branding strategy is already in place. True and effective employer branding is fully aligned between attracting new talent and retaining the talent you already have.

2. Determine your goals. Employer branding is often viewed as one of those “should be doing” things. But its effectiveness is lost – and so is your time and effort – if you haven’t determined exactly why your company “should” be doing it. Are you trying to improve your turnover rates? Or attract newer generations? Or simply augment your existing staff?

3. Understand exactly what target audience your trying to reach. There’s little point in building a brand that attracts new college graduates if you’re looking to hire high-level executives. You need to know who your ideal audience is, what attracts them, and where you can find them.

4. Assess your available tools. There are hundreds of roads to venture down when building your employer brand. Determine which ones work best for the image you’re creating and the audience you’re trying to reach. In order to get the higher return on investment, you don’t want to spread your efforts too thinly by attacking all routes. Get creative and consider some of the following options:

          * A visually pleasing and highly functional Careers page on your website

          * A “behind the scenes” video on YouTube, with footage from current staff

          * An interactive Careers Facebook page with an integrated job board app

          * A Pinterest board with photos from your offices and company events

          * Posting jobs to LinkedIn groups and PPC advertising

          * Asking existing employees to write [honest] reviews on Glassdoor.com

5. Be proactive, interactive, and engaging. It’s rarely enough to simply advertise open positions or post some interesting pictures online. Whatever route you choose to build your employer brand, make sure you’re interacting with the community that builds around it. And be consistent; you may be done with hiring for this month, but what about 6 months or a year from now? Maintain your presence over time, and you’ll always have a talent pool ready to choose from.

6. Evaluate your goals regularly. Is the employer brand you’ve created fulfilling those goals you determined? Have your goals changed? Tweak and improve your employer brand over time to make sure you’re getting the best results.


Ultimately, employer branding is about telling your story. From there, it’s about honing your storytelling methods and telling your story to the right people.

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