5 Statistics You Should Know About Mobile Websites

First let’s answer the question: what is a mobile website? A mobile website is basically a miniature version of your desktop website with some added functionality to make reading your site on a mobile device, (ipad, iphone, android, etc) simple, fast and easy.

If your website is not mobile friendly, it may be costing you more than you think. Over the last several years the way customers connect with you has changed from calling you on the phone to using their phone to order online. This change has crept up on most of us; we can’t see when our customers are not contacting us on smartphones. The business we are missing out on can’t be measured on a profit and loss statement or balance sheet. When a potential customer visits your site on their smartphone and then leaves for a more user-friendly site, you have lost business.

The good news is it is not too late to get in the game. In a recent survey, only about 25% of small and medium business were mobile-friendly. Most companies have not had the time, resources or understanding of the value of mobile-friendly sites.
Let’s look at where the world is going when it comes to mobile computing.

1. According to www.digitaltrends.com, smartphones have now out-sold desktop computers. In fact, the sales of smartphones have increased 62% from the previous year. Last year nearly 500 million smartphones were sold.

2. Also according to Digitaltrends.com, of the 414 million PCs sold, two thirds were laptops, netbooks or ipad type devices. This shift from desktop to mobile computing clearly indicates the type of technology your customers will use to find you.

3. When it comes to finding a job, 86% of job seekers used a smartphone to apply for a new position last year, according to Careerbuilder

4. Google recently posted research that 75% of mobile users prefer mobile-friendly sites.

5. Google also reported that when customers visit a mobile-friendly site, they say that they are more likely to return to the site. 67% of mobile users say that when they use a mobile site, they are more likely to purchase what is sold on the site. Lastly, 48% of mobile visitors who visit a site that is not mobile-friendly felt that the company just didn’t care about their business.

In summary, these figures speak volumes about the importance of making your business mobile friendly. In fact, you could also take away from this that companies who are mobile-friendly are taking business from those companies who do not have mobile-friendly websites. There is a mountain of statistics that clearly shows the value of mobile-friendly websites.

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